Are you interested in having Zach teach at your school, university, or organization? His second love after casting is audition and business coaching. He loves meeting new talent and working with people of all ages, levels, abilities, and identities.




Through empowering actors to hone their skills in effectively communicating with industry personnel, AN ACTOR AGENTS unveils the impossible as possible, so that artists can expand their reach in order to yield the results they want.




Audition coaching for your sides, songs, and monologues is also available as long as it is not for a project that Zach is actively casting.


For all masterclass, AAA, and coaching inquiries, please email for pricing and further details.


Zachary's most popular offering is An Actor Agents, which includes: 

  • One-on-one coaching to refine what you want and how to go after it, whether you are agenting yourself or working with a team in LA, NYC, Atlanta, or other markets

  • Donation-based “happy hours” with industry folx in LA + NYC to reimagine the equitable industry we want to see and what action steps to take towards creating that vision

  • FREE community calls to check in and share resources and information

  • Agent/Manager webinars + mock meetings with talent representatives to sharpen your business savvy

  • Self-tape classes with Jagwire Studios to exercise your work on camera in all mediums

  • Other future programming framed + suggested by what the artists’ needs are at any given time


This program is by referral only. Please email for further details.



"Working with Zach has been a game changer for me. Within my first two sessions of working with Zach, I got myself an appointment and generated responses from multiple outlets."


"I received a callback for a LORT theatre and needed assistance with my sides. Zach was able to make me feel prepared, confident, and relaxed going into my callback."


"Whether you’re auditioning for a Broadway musical or testing for a streaming platform, he has the bandwidth to get you prepped, confident, and ready to book that job you felt was out of your wheelhouse."


"Zach has helped me craft effective communication with people I want to work with, while staying true to myself."


"I feel like I really have an accountability partner, a cheerleader and someone who makes me do the things I’m scared of."


"I always feel confident, prepared, and relaxed after coaching with Zach. And I have never not received a callback after working with him!"


"After 3 weeks, I was getting more callbacks and booked my first principal speaking role in a national commercial. I highly suggest using Zach for any auditions, jobs, callbacks or just training."


"In the short time we’ve been coaching, I’ve received two appointments, a coaching, agent meeting, and to top it all off - a new and fresh approach to contacting casting offices and creatives."


"I have contacted many casting directors and industry professionals I never thought I could, I have worked on roles and material I didn’t think was possible, and I have grown confident in strongly going after what I want without being apologetic about it."


"What Zachary did for my life in one hour's time is mind-blowing."


"When you come to Zach for help with specific experiences you may need help pulling into professional focus, there is no one better. You will leave with an actionable plan, fully tailored to your needs."


"Zach helped me present myself in a consistent way across all mediums and has worked with me on preparing auditions, submissions, meetings, and helped me strategize every step of the way."


"Zach keeps me accountable to following through on the things I say I want to do. He helps make dreams seem like possibilities by providing actionable steps, generous and clear language, and a radiant positive attitude. He's taught me the art of the follow up, and I can't wait to see what else we can accomplish as a team!"


"Working with Zachary has given me the confidence that I need to level up in the industry. He quickly identifies when I'm making decisions based in fear and is able to get me back on track to fulfilling my potential. Zachary leads with love and understands what it's like to be an actor while simultaneously using his knowledge as a CD to guide my career and explain how to effectively communicate with casting & my team. "

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Please note that a masterclass, workshop, or coaching is for educational purposes only and is not an audition or employment opportunity.


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