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Actors are my favorite people in the world. If you are an actor, this page is for you.
I hope you find it useful.

Are you:

1. Telling the same story in everything you’re using, like your headshot, resume, and reel/clips, before we even see you audition?

2. Acting as the CEO of your own company and therefore know/understand the roles of what everyone else is playing in your orbit?

3. Training and honing your skills weekly, so that when opportunity comes, you are ready?


4. Tracking your relationships and knowing the names of the people you are meeting and those same people you see again days, months, or even years later?

5. Surrounding yourself only by a system of love and support?

6. Exploring other things besides acting and doing them since the industry isn’t going anywhere and will welcome you back with open arms when you return?

7. Supporting other fellow artists’ work in the forms of film festivals, shows, donating to a kickstarter campaign, watching a friend’s web series, or even sending a gratitude note because someone’s work inspired you?

8. Taking care of your health physically, mentally, and emotionally?

9. Remembering that casting directors are on your side and want you to be FABULOUS?

10. Understanding that I was you, am you, and will always be you. Take a look.

I love you all. Thank you for your vulnerability always.

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