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Zach is a bicoastal casting professional who creates safe spaces for the marginalized/underrepresented, so that no one is left behind or even erased.

As an Associate Casting Director, he most recently wrapped Season One of Pretty Freekin Scary for Disney Channel and Disney Plus with Howard Meltzer and also recently worked on the pilots for ABC/20th Century's Not Dead Yet and Netflix's Unstable with Jill Anthony Thomas and Anthony J. Kraus. Previously, he worked with Bullock and Snow Casting on Nickelodeon's Pilot of Danger Force and the first two seasons of Side Hustle. He also casts his own projects as well in both Los Angeles and New York.

He created "How to Cast It" with Casting Directors Erica Hart, Erica Jensen, Destiny Lilly, and Josy Rodriguez as a means of free education and accessibility to BIMPOC folks who aspire to work in the field of casting. Prior to moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019, he was based in New York City for seven years. There, he was a performer, and his favorite role to play was Mary Sunshine in Chicago regionally.


He’d like to thank television's 90s phenomenon Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is the reason Zach is in entertainment in the first place.


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